She is obviously someone who has taken great care of herself. From Thomas, Stegall learned how to make all the right moves to attract the proper clientele. Some thought Alan was a male gold-digger. Sandra told Dear that she believed Alan was associating with drug dealers and that she feared for her life.

For Sandra, it was time to pick up the pieces of her life and start again. It was publicity for both of them. Actor 2 was second on the playlist after Actor 1. Sandra lived with Tate Donovan for years.

She never smiles, she seems kind of grumpy and grouchy. On her year high school reunion questionnaire, Sandra wrote that she attended TCU. Plus, he wanted a relationship that involved sex with a woman and Secret Keeper did not play that game so they split. If you could ask those who knew her growing up in Arlington, VA, you'd learn the truth. Her entire body is perfection. Don't think she likes the ladies like dat She still doesn't ping to me though. Dating a nonconformist David Stegall died, Sandra Bridewell was left with her 7-year-old son and two daughters, ages 4 and 1. Time to come clean Wendolyn. Funny story on Gawker from somebody in Austin. He knew her when she was living with McConuaghey years ago. Sometimes rumors build from nothing. They were being frozen out of their society. If Sandra is straight, do you have a problem with that??? Within weeks the two were inseparable. When Bullock was living with McConaughey, she drove him crazy she was so possessive and controlling. And yes, Matthew was very open about his affair with Lance. She had followed him home. Fuck, i don't know Oh, come on now. The link has great amount of details, go to link to see more. Much more info on this subject, feel free to look at many more details on the URL, thank you. We have had this discussion before. In May, she came to Dallas to pass out leaflets in the Park Cities, bearing a picture of herself, Alan, and Sandra, and another picture of the Ford Bronco. Danielle saw the green light to share all the dirt she knows and didn't waste time letting it fly. CDAN makes shit up all the time so don't use him as evidence, please. Sandra, voluptuous and bewitching, was remarkably appealing to men. His longest term relationship was a struggle sleeping dogs dating sandra him because he was always going back and forth between men and women and his B list actress girlfriend did not appreciate that. Sandra looked for men the way other people looked for a job. Life at home was miserable.

Murderpedia has thousands of hours of work behind it. To keep creating new content, we kindly appreciate any donation you can give to help the Murderpedia project stay alive. We have many plans and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this. Thank you very much in advance. Suspected of having a hand in the death of at least one husband as well as a close friend Number of victims: April 4, Victim profile: Never convicted of murder.

Sandra Camille Powers Bridewell. Over the course of more than three decades the woman known as the "Black Widow," tricked lovers and friends out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. She is also suspected of having a hand radiocarbon dating reference year the death of at least one husband as well as a close friend.

It all began with a troubled childhood. According to reports, at the age of three her adoptive mother, Camille, was killed in an auto accident. Her father, Arthur, who managed and ran a Dr. Pepper bottling plant, eventually remarried and relocated his family to Oak Cliff, Texas, a Dallas suburb. There he found new work as a cemetery plot salesman. While Sandra adjusted to her new surroundings, learned to adjust to her stepmother Doris was another matter. The two fought regularly, with Sandra claiming that her stepmother regularly locked her in a closet, refused to send out birthday party invitations, and liked to tell her that nobody wanted her.

After graduating high school inSandra, who rarely dated as a student, began seeing a series of men. Many of them became smitten with what one friend would later describe as her "ladylike, 'poor helpless me' routine. The course she followed to make that happen was one filled with half truths. Lies were commonplace in Sandra's life. Some friends were told that both of her adoptive parents had been killed.

Others were informed that were mother and father were Irish aristocrats. Many heard about the West Point boyfriend who, she claimed, had shot himself while he sat in the car with her. Still, there were plenty of believers—especially men. That included David Stegall, a upshot dentist who had gone to school in Los Angeles and had Hollywood-caliber clients. He had a thing for Cadillacs, big houses, and pretty women. Sandra had thing for him. In Sandra and David married. Within a few short years the couple had three daughters—Britt, Kathryn, and Emily?

Despite his salary and reputation, Stegall couldn't keep up with his wife's lavish tastes. Sandra had even more of a passion for fine things than her husband. She loved good art, especially, and expensive furniture. Bythe couple's marriage was in turmoil and the family was in severe debt, forcing David to borrow a substantial sum of money from his father to pay down some of the bills.

In February the situation had grown so dire that David tried to kill himself. As the story goes, Sandra had found him in a closet with a gun pointed to his head. Apparently, she talked him out of it. It was only a short-term fix, however. A few weeks later, David was discovered lying in his bed with both wrists slashed and a.

Sandra quickly moved to straighten out her financial situation. She collected the insurance on her husband's life, sold his practice, and began dating other wealthy men. A little more than three years after David's death, Sandra was exchanging wedding vows again, this time with Bobby Bridewell, a well-known Dallas developer.

Bridewell adopted Sandra's three girls and the family made their home in the upscale Dallas neighborhood of Highland Park. But inlife took a tragic turn when Bridewell was diagnosed with cancer. The grieving Sandra motored on with her life. While her husband fought his illness, she had the couple's entire home remodeled, forcing the ailing Bridewell to move in with a friend.

He never returned to his house. Two years after the diagnosis, Bridewell died, sleeping dogs dating sandra. Sandra took his death hard, but for a short time she seemed to have found support and hope in the friendship of her late husband's oncologist, Dr. John Bagwell and his wife Betsy. While the couple was initially happy to reach out to their friend, Sandra became a persistent visitor in the Bagwell household, going so far as to show up unannounced in New Mexico, where the doctor and his wife were vacationing.

There were frequent requests for childcare, and lots of phone calls. Soon the Bagwells were trying to extricate themselves from their relationship with Sandra. But Sandra would have none of it. In early Juneshe called Betsy and asked if she could take her to the airport to rent a car because her vehicle wouldn't start.

Betsy agreed to help her out, taking her to the airport, and then back to the church lot where Sandra's car was parked so she could get her license, which she claims she had forgotten. The exact details of the encounter are still a mystery. What is known is that on June 16,police discovered the year-old Bagwell dead in her Mercedes in the airport parking lot.

She'd been shot in the head, the victim of what was later ruled a suicide. Sandra was the last person to see Betsy alive. Questions surfaced about Bagwell's death, including the lack of a suicide note and a private investigation revealing that his wife's death might not be a suicide. Yet police refused to reopen the case. As always, Sandra moved on with her life, one that found her in June wooing another man sleeping dogs dating sandra her clutches.

Alan Rehrig was a good-looking year-old who had just moved to Dallas to take work at a mortgage company. Bridewell was outside in her yard when Rehrig, who was searching for a place to live, happened to drive by. He pulled his Ford Bronco over and asked if she knew of any possible apartments. She didn't, but she agreed to help him. Within weeks the two were inseparable. He grew close to Sandra's three kids, who, with their mother's prompting, would show up unannounced at his office for visits.

Then, that fall ofsleeping dogs dating sandra, Sandra delivered some unexpected news. She was pregnant with twins. It was curious news for one important reason: It was a lie she could pull off after she gained some weight in her stomach. There were other lies, too, like the one about her age. Sandra was not 36 as she had told Rehrig, but But Rehrig, still getting to know his new girlfriend, had no reason to doubt Sandra, especially when it came to phd student dating site pregnancy.

He may have felt that life was marching forward at a fast clip, friends said, but he was also in love. Bridewell knew full well that sleeping dogs dating sandra could only take the pregnancy lie so far.

Now, with Rehrig completely committed to her, she would change the story. So, in Februaryshe called up her husband and told him she'd just had a miscarriage. The marriage, too, seemed to take a big hit. Like her two husbands before him, Rehrig soon discovered his wife had expensive tastes. She pushed him to make more money, and to take out a big life insurance policy. In Novemberthe couple separated. Alan moved in with a friend, convinced that he needed to end his relationship with Sandra.

For several weeks the two didn't see one another, and then in early December Sandra phoned up her husband and asked if he could meet her at a storage facility where the two had placed some of their stuff. What happened over the course of the next several hours has never truly been determined.

Alan was next seen slumped over in his Bronco in Oklahoma. The cause of death: It was also apparent that Rehrig's body had been driven to Oklahoma. Sandra was a suspect but nothing could be pinned on the woman who would come to be known in Dallas as the "Black Widow.

If she was grieving over her third husband's death, she hid it well. Instead, Sandra Bridewell scrimped on the funeral expenses, choosing the least expensive casket possible for Rehrig and then convincing friends to cover the burial bills.

She was late for the service, too, arriving at the very last minute dressed to the nines in a rich mink coat. She could afford it, however. Her reputation, though, was tarnished. A detailed local magazine article profiling Sandra Bridewell's curious past didn't help. Less than a year after Rehrig's death, Sandra left Dallas for good, relocating her family to the San Francisco area.

There, Bridewell brought her charm to Marin County, where she cycled through a new round of wealthy men who were suckered in by her personal story, which often included something about a trust fund that she would soon be cashing in, and her lack of sexual inhibition.

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